About Me


I am Robbie Priestley, a trained and experienced shamanic practitioner based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Working online, I provide shamanic healing and other spiritual services to clients throughout North America and around the world. My practice is authentic, confidential, compassionate, and heart-centered.

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My Story

Here is my story—in brief. After studying computer science in college, I entered into a career working as a software developer and business manager. I was successful in many ways, but over time I realized the life I was living was not altogether healthy. It was also not in alignment with the essence of who I am. I embarked upon a personal healing journey, which was deeply transformative. I experienced a spiritual awakening, which activated further healing.

One day, my shamanic initiation began spontaneously. With support from my mentor, I released my remaining resistance, and set foot on the shamanic path. After completing my initial training, I heard my calling to become a healer. In answer, I left my job as a computer science professional, and started working as a shamanic practitioner.

I am also a musician, naturalist, and outdoor adventurer.

My Training

I have completed shamanic training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies based in California. My specific program was the Online Shamanic Healing Training Program. I have also received training and instruction from several experienced shamans, including my personal teacher and mentor. Shamanic training never really ends, and I continue to learn through direct personal experience and dedicated independent study.

My Shamanic Tradition

My personal shamanic tradition is Core Shamanism, as defined and taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies based in California. This is a modern, accessible shamanic tradition based on the common (or "core") shamanic practices found everywhere on Earth. While Core Shamanism is a "conservative, purist" tradition [Townsend], it also strongly respects cultural identity, and does not appropriate any specific indigenous or cultural practices. I extend Core Shamanism with shamanic practices derived from direct personal experience, independent study, and instruction from other shamans.