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Healing is much more effective when you play an active role in your own healing journey. This page contains many useful items of information, including a review of important topics, as well as some recommended spiritual practices you can incorporate into your routine. Yes, it takes effort, but your health is worth it.


Trust the Process

Shamanic healing is a process, and requires patience. What matters most is to trust. Trust in knowing that you can heal, and that you can return to wholeness. Surrender to the process of healing, and allow it to happen naturally.

It will be easier to heal if you practice acceptance, including accepting that you need to heal. Forgive yourself. Forgive your illness, pain, wounds, and trauma. At first this may seem difficult – or even impossible – but it will get easier. Also, it is very beneficial to release negative emotions such as sadness and grief. Try to let them flow out of you so they cannot form blockages and stagnation.


Support Yourself

Shamanic healing is a spiritual healing practice. It can be helpful to utilize additional healing methods to directly support the other aspects of yourself, including the physical, the mental, and the emotional. If you feel you would benefit from additional healing methods, please seek them out without delay. Some examples are conventional Western medicine, naturopathy, herbalism, counselling, psychotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Meanwhile, don't underestimate your own ability to promote health and well-being. Self-care is important. I highly recommend spending time outside, exercising, and connecting with nature. Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, and other similar practices can be very beneficial. Stagnant energy can be cleared by smudging with sage. And of course, eating a high-quality diet and drinking plenty of water also promotes your health.


Maintaining Power

When I discuss power, I am referring to vital spiritual power. This is not the same thing as political or social power, which is influence over others. Spiritual power can be thought of as energy combined with wisdom, intelligence, compassion, knowledge, and self-confidence.

We all require spiritual power in order to achieve our peak potential in life. Power promotes healing, improves your ability to succeed in life, and provides protection. When you operate from a place of power, you aren't as vulnerable to negative spiritual influences and intrusions that can cause illness and suffering.

From a shamanic perspective, the main source of power available to you is your relationship with your guardian spirit. Below, I describe how you can maintain a strong relationship with your guardian spirit in order to build power and achieve other important benefits.


Your Guardian Spirit

Usually in your first session, I retrieve or restore a guardian spirit for you. A guardian spirit is a fully-compassionate ascended spiritual being that serves as your companion, friend, and guardian. Guardian spirits can take a variety of forms including spirit animals, guardian angels, spirit guides, and ascended ancestor spirits.

Your guardian spirit is like a power generator, helping you keep your spiritual power level high. The stronger your relationship with your guardian spirit, the better able it will be to supply you with power. If you neglect your guardian spirit, its presence will fade, and your power will diminish, leaving you potentially weakened and vulnerable.

Another reason to cultivate the relationship with your guardian spirit is that it can offer you wisdom through your intuition. You can use this wisdom to learn more about yourself and your spiritual path here on Earth.

Wolf Howl

Guardian Spirit Exercise

As discussed above, developing a strong relationship with your guardian spirit brings numerous benefits. There are many ways to strengthen the relationship. You may discover your own ways, but here is a simple, meditation-like practice to get you started.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, relax, and clear your thoughts. Then, welcome your guardian spirit and call it forward. Your guardian spirit will respond, and become present. Some people can see their guardian spirit in their mind's eye, while others simply know that their guardian spirit is present. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong way. Have trust.

Repeat this practice at least once a day. You will soon become familiar with your guardian spirit, and you will feel its constant presence in your heart. It will be there with you, offering you power and protection. When you are ready, you can begin to interact with with your guardian spirit. Ask it questions.

Intuitive answers to your questions can come from your guardian spirit in a variety of forms. Some people sense words. Some people see symbols that require interpretation. Some have powerful dreams. Other people just know the answer in their hearts. It helps to be open to receiving these intuitive answers in whatever form they take.

Girl With Lion

Protective Shielding

Your guardian spirit can also offer you protection. The following practice is a way for you to access the power of your guardian spirit and form a protective shield around you. The purpose of the shield is to prevent unwanted external spiritual influences from affecting you.

To form your shield, call your guardian spirit forward as described above. State your intention that you want to work with it to create an impenetrable protective shield around you. Then, imagine or visualize your shield forming in the shape of a sphere. The sphere should be filled with spiritual power, and it should extend a little beyond the reach of your limbs.

Trust in knowing that your shield is present and that your guardian spirit is helping to keep it strong. You should maintain your shield periodically. Repeat this practice at least once per day, or as often as necessary.


Follow Your Heart

Your heart knows your truth. Your heart knows your true path. Your heart knows what is real to you, even if your rational mind suggests otherwise. Your heart communicates knowledge to you through the experience of emotional certainty.

Our hearts try to tell us the truth, but in our modern society, we are discouraged from listening. Instead, we are taught to listen to the rational mind, and not to look beneath the surface of things. The rational mind serves many important purposes, but it can be deceived by illusions. Therefore, it is important to not allow our rational minds to overrule the wisdom of our hearts. The heart can see deeply into things and provide us with vital insight. Trusting the wisdom of the heart leads to knowing.

Finally, bear in mind that our choices in the present change the future. Future outcomes are in many ways determined by the choices we make from one moment to the next. When you know your own truth, and you know your true path, the choices you make will help lead you into a bright future – one in which you are happy, healthy, and successful.

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Ongoing Support

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. If you have any questions, please email me or use my contact form. I wish you many blessings and a successful healing journey.

❤️ Robbie Priestley, Shamanic Practitioner