Protective Shielding

Using protective shielding is a simple and effective way to help prevent harmful negative energy from affecting you. You can create a protective energy shield around yourself using intention-setting and visualization. In order for such a shield to remain effective, it is important to invest effort in maintaining it. Please read on for more information about protective shielding.

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Why Protection is Necessary

Spiritual protection is a vital part of an overall strategy for maintaining spiritual health. In everyday life, you may encounter many different potential sources of harmful energy and power. These sources include directed negative energy, psychic attack, troublesome spirits, opportunistic spiritual essences, and electromagnetic smog. Protective shielding can help by blocking, deflecting, neutralizing, reducing, or absorbing these sources of harmful spiritual energy.

A protective energy shield is a way of asserting your boundaries. We may not be able to control the external world, but we do need a space of our own within which we feel safe and comfortable. Some people call the energetic space around you the "aura," but I call it your "sovereign spiritual space." A shield placed around your sovereign spiritual space can serve as a boundary over which you have control.

Shields can have varying levels of permeability, and can act as "filters." There are certain types of energy, such as toxic negative energy, that we typically wish to block completely. Meanwhile, there are other types of energy, such as the positive energy of love, that we typically do not wish to block. How your shield functions is determined by your intentions.

Setting Your Intention

To create your shield, begin by setting your intention. Be very clear about what you intend to accomplish. Here is a very simple example:

My intention is to create a powerful, protective energy shield surrounding me and my sovereign spiritual space. This shield is intended to protect me from negative energy, and is impenetrable to negative energy from the outside.

This example does not specifically block positive energy like love from entering. Nor does it specifically block energy that is already on the inside that wants to leave. You may customize your own intention as you see fit.

Speaking your intention aloud in a sacred context gives your intention more power. The more you repeat your intention, the more your Higher Self will hear you and support you. For additional information, please refer to my blog post The Power of Intention.

Visualizing Your Shield

Now that you have set your intention to create a protective shield, it is time to give life to your shield through the power of visualization. Close your eyes and imagine your shield like a sphere around you—a solid shell or force-field. The shield should encompass you as well as your sovereign spiritual space.

It doesn't really matter exactly how you visualize your shield (color, texture, etc). Some people have difficulty visualizing, and may not be able to "see" their shield at all. Please do not doubt yourself. What matters most is to trust, and to know in your heart that your shield is there.

Powering Your Shield

Typically, a protective shield is powered by your own personal spiritual power and energy. If you are in good health, and you have a guardian spirit like a spirit animal, you should have an ample amount of spiritual power for the task of maintaining a protective shield.

If you are not in good health, you are facing significant adversity, or you have experienced significant power loss, you may struggle to maintain an effective protective shield. You may then benefit from seeing a shaman, who can help to rectify such problems through shamanic healing. For more information, please refer to my blog post What is Shamanic Healing?

Maintaining Your Shield

Maintaining a shield requires power, energy, and effort. There is no way around this. A common mistake people make is to assume that a protective shield will function indefinitely. In reality, a shield will fade over time unless it is actively maintained. The simple solution is to re-establish the shield by repeating the steps of intention-setting and visualization as described above.

I recommend you do this every morning and also before going to bed at night. While this may initially seem inconvenient, it’s no different from brushing your teeth to protect them: it needs to be done on a regular basis to be effective. After you’ve shielded a few times, it will start to become part of your routine, and the effort you put in will be well worth it.

Advanced Techniques

There are ways to deepen the practice of shielding using more advanced techniques. Here are a few examples:


Thank you for reading my blog post about protective shielding. Keeping yourself safe using a shield is a simple yet powerful spiritual practice that can make a real difference in your overall quality of life. Please use care, and act with love and intention.

Robbie - March 8, 2023