Soul Retrieval After Effects

After you experience a soul retrieval, a reintegration process occurs. The missing soul part has returned home, and the trauma from which it originally fled is now in the past. This gives you an opportunity to use the spiritual power of the restored soul part to transform the negative experience of the trauma from a weakness into a strength.

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This blog posting builds on my previous blog posting What is Soul Retrieval, which is an introduction to the topics of soul loss and soul retrieval.

If you suffer a serious traumatic experience, it can cause deep emotional and psychological wounds. In response, part of your soul may escape, like a frightened bird suddenly taking flight and disappearing. The missing soul part takes refuge in the spirit world, and stays there indefinitely. This phenomenon is called soul loss.

After such a traumatic experience, true healing cannot occur if you repress the trauma. Repression occurs when the memory of the experience, and the pain of the resulting wounds, are too difficult to bear. You may attempt to block the memory and force the pain into remission. Even worse, you may punish yourself in an attempt to eradicate the pain.

Repression is not healing, however. The repressed experience coils up like a defensive snake. The snake may then suddenly strike, plunging you into an episode of chaos and suffering. But the snake is not really your enemy. Rather, it is a misunderstood ally. What is needed is a willingness to befriend the snake and find the transformative healing wisdom it offers.

Eventually, a day may come when you are ready to heal. Through counselling, you may break down barriers that prevent you from accessing your true self. Through spirituality, you may find your true path and walk it. If you decide to work with a shaman, the shaman can travel into the spirit world and find the missing part of your soul.

One of the after effects of soul retrieval may be a period of emotional flow. This is normal, and it releases blocked and pent-up energy from the body. The emotions should not be suppressed. The experience of emotional flow may seem irrational and worrisome. The more you resist, however, the more difficult it will be. Have patience, and practice acceptance. It is part of the process.

The most significant after effect of soul retrieval is power restoration. You regain missing spiritual power, allowing you to access your true potential. You can rise above the suffering, like an eagle soaring on the wind. As you emerge from the darkness, having discovered the inner light, the world around you will respond to your new self-confidence.

No one will ever be able to change the past and erase the trauma you have experienced. Your challenge is to understand that, somehow, you needed to experience it. You must accept and forgive yourself for who you really are, including those parts of yourself that have suffered. Let your weakness become your strength, and set yourself free.

Robbie Priestley, Shamanic Practitioner - September 20, 2022

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