Soul Retrieval After Effects

People often wonder what to expect after receiving a soul retrieval. What are the intended results? Are there any significant side effects to be aware of? Can things go wrong? If you are asking these sorts of questions, this blog post is for you.

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Introduction: What is Soul Retrieval?

If you suffer a serious traumatic experience, it can cause deep emotional and psychological wounds. In response, part of your soul may escape, like a startled bird suddenly taking flight and disappearing. The missing soul part takes refuge in the spirit world, and stays there indefinitely. This phenomenon is called soul loss.

Soul retrieval is the process of recovering a missing part of the soul. A shamanic practitioner can perform a soul retrieval by travelling into the spirit world, finding the missing part of your soul, and bringing it back to you. This is a very empowering experience which can help you to return to wholeness and realize your full spiritual potential as a human being.

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Returning to Wholeness

Healing is a return to wholeness. When part of your soul goes missing, it leaves behind an empty space. This "hole" in your soul leaves you spiritually vulnerable and depletes your spiritual power. When you receive a soul retrieval, the returned part of your soul fills in the empty space. This return to wholeness is one of the primary intended purposes of soul retrieval.

Know Yourself

Returning to wholeness also helps you discover your true authentic self. The "real you" includes all aspects of yourself—not only your virtues, but your wounded aspects as well. Profound healing involves accepting, acknowledging, and nurturing the wounded aspects of yourself, whereas repression leads to suffering. A soul retrieval is the ceremonial acceptance of a wounded aspect of yourself, allowing you to transform weakness into strength.

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Power Restoration

Another of the main intended purposes of soul retrieval is power restoration. When you regain a missing part of your soul, you also regain spiritual power that you lost during the original traumatic event. Spiritual power is a form of energy that allows you to access your full potential as a human being, and it "fuels" your spiritual journey. Power restoration brings renewed self-confidence, and the universe responds by sending you blessings and opportunities.

Emotional Flow

One of the side effects of soul retrieval is that you may experience the purging of strong emotions. This is normal, and it releases pent-up, stagnant energy from the body. It also removes energetic blockages. The emotions liberated by soul retrieval should not be held inside, which is unhealthy. The experience of emotional flow may seem irrational and worrisome, but more you resist, the more difficult it will be. Have patience, and be kind to yourself. Emotional flow is part of the process.

Vivid Memories

Another side effect of soul retrieval may be the occurrence of vivid memories relating to the original traumatic experience. While these memories can be unsettling and disturbing, they relate to the constructive reintegration of experiences that were previously repressed. Memories are not the trauma itself. What is different now is that you have taken your power back. You are no longer helpless and unable to transcend your limitations. You are simply coming to know yourself more fully. If you practice acceptance, it will help.


Completing the reintegration process takes time. The amount of time varies significantly from person to person, but usually a month or so is needed. Also, humans have the potential to experience lifelong healing. From this perspective, a soul retrieval becomes woven like a thread into the larger, lifelong healing experience.

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One of the risks of soul retrieval is relapse. This can happen when you are not truly ready for the soul retrieval experience. If the returned soul part does not find a hospitable "home" inside you, it can again take refuge in the spirit world. The risk of relapse is high if you fail to welcome, accept, acknowledge, and nurture the returned soul part. Similarly, the risk of relapse is high if any aspect of the original trauma is still occurring. A qualified shamanic practitioner can help you prepare, and can provide ongoing support.

Other Risks

In general, the risks associated with soul retrieval are minimal. However, one important aspect of risk relates to who you work with. Soul retrieval is an advanced shamanic practice and should be performed only by a trusted, qualified, and experienced shaman. Before you begin spiritual work with any practitioner, feel free to ask questions about their methods. If you do not receive trustworthy and satisfactory answers, do not proceed, and find someone else to work with.


Soul retrieval is a powerful spiritual healing method that, when performed properly, is very safe and reliable. The after effects of soul retrieval involve the process of reintegration whereby a returned soul part helps the recipient return to wholeness. I hope this blog post has helped answer some of your questions.

Robbie - February 3, 2023 (Revised)

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