What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a traditional spiritual practice intended to remedy spiritual problems affecting a person's health and wellbeing. Problems with soul and spirit can manifest to produce different forms of illness, disease, distress, and suffering. The shaman can identify and correct spiritual health problems, helping to restore a client's overall health and wellbeing.

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Body, mind, emotion, and spirit are profoundly interconnected aspects of human existence. When a problem affects one of these aspects, it tends to affect the other aspects as well. The shaman looks for problems affecting a client's spiritual health and works to remedy them using a variety of traditional spiritual techniques. The shaman's intention is that any related physical, mental, and emotional problems affecting the client may then be also be moderated or alleviated.

There are two main goals in traditional shamanic healing: to restore vital spiritual components that have gone missing, and to remove foreign spiritual intrusions that don't belong. The main restorative techniques used are soul retrieval, guardian spirit retrieval, and power restoration. The main removal techniques are intrusion extraction and entity removal. These techniques are common to shamanic traditions from around the world.

Soul retrieval is the restoration of missing parts of the soul that fled in response to traumatic life circumstances. The shaman journeys to the spirit world, locates missing soul parts, and returns them to the client. Please see my blog posting What is Soul Retrieval for in-depth information about soul retrieval and how it works.

Guardian spirit retrieval is the restoration of a guardian spirit. We are all born with guardian spirits that protect us and help us succeed in life, but many people remain unaware of their presence and strong beneficial influence. Guardian spirits can also weaken or withdraw due to neglect and other common factors. Guardian spirits can take a variety of forms including spirit animals, guardian angels, spirit guides, and ascended ancestor spirits.

Power restoration refers to the replenishment of vital spiritual power, the energy which "fuels" us spiritually. When people have suffered power loss, they become spiritually debilitated and are vulnerable to chronic adversity, illness, and suffering. Power is required to heal properly, to stay well-protected, and for success in life. Power can be restored in various ways, but the most potent way is a strong relationship with a guardian spirit (see above).

Spirit intrusion extraction is the removal of foreign spiritual energy. If the soul is weakened, it may be vulnerable to intrusion by harmful spiritual essences and directed negative energy. These intrusions disrupt the soul, and frequently cause illness and suffering. Removal of intrusions is often accompanied by restorative and protective techniques which prevent new intrusions from taking up residence.

Entity removal is similar to spirit intrusion extraction. If the soul is sufficiently vulnerable, it can attract an uninvited spirit, which can become attached. This can lead to a variety of different adverse health conditions, and personal problems like addiction. Removal of an entity is often accompanied by restorative and protective techniques which prevent new entities from taking up residence.

Shamanic healing differs from significantly from conventional medical treatment, but it is not incompatible with it. Shamanic healing is complementary, and often works best when it is used together with other healing methodologies both conventional and alternative. Shamanic healing is ultimately most effective when the client participates in the healing journey, playing a very active role in the healing process.

The word "heal" comes from the same root as the word "whole." Healing, then, can be thought of as a return to wholeness. This includes all aspects of an individual: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Shamanic healing promotes wholeness on all levels by resolving problems related to the soul and spirit.

Robbie Priestley, Shamanic Practitioner - June 15, 2022

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