Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a traditional spiritual practice intended to remedy the spiritual aspects of illness, disease, distress, and suffering. The tradition of shamanism recognizes that body, mind, emotion, and spirit are profoundly interconnected. Shamanic healing works by removing foreign spiritual intrusions that don't belong, restoring vital spiritual components that have gone missing, and repairing damaged aspects of the human soul.

Please see my blog posting What is Shamanic Healing? for more information.

Spiritual Guidance

Walking your true path in life can be challenging. With the help of intuitive insight, personal experience, and spirit guides, I can suggest ways you can move forward through difficult life circumstances. I can also offer support and practical advice in the areas of spiritual growth, spiritual practice, your spiritual path, and your spiritual calling.

Spiritual Protection

The world around us is active and alive with spirits. Some of these spirits are troubled, and they can negatively affect us if we are vulnerable. Also, humans can easily affect one another with their negative energy, thoughts, and emotions. I can help you stay protected against unwanted spiritual intrusions, entity attachments, and negative energy.

Soul Retrieval

When you experience traumatic events in your life, parts of your soul may escape and seek refuge in the spirit world. This is called soul loss. The missing parts of the soul leave you feeling incomplete and unfulfilled. You may also become vulnerable to spiritual afflictions. I can journey to find missing soul parts and return them to you, restoring your spiritual integrity.

Please see my blog posting What is Soul Retrieval? for more information.

Guardian Spirit Retrieval

We are all blessed with guardian spirits, such as spirit animals and guardian angels. However, many people remain unaware of their presence and essential benefits. Over time, guardian spirits can also become weakened or withdrawn. I can retrieve and restore your guardian spirits, and help you build a strong and beneficial relationship with them.

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Power Restoration

Spiritual power is energy combined with wisdom, intelligence, compassion, knowledge, and self-confidence. If your spiritual power is depleted, you may not be able to fully succeed in life, and you may be vulnerable to negative spiritual influences and energy. I can help you to restore, build, and maintain your vital spiritual power, unlocking your full potential.

Spirit Intrusion Extraction

If your spiritual power is weakened or depleted, or you have suffered soul loss, you may be vulnerable to intrusions by spiritual essences and directed negative energy. These intrusions disrupt your spiritual integrity, and often cause illness and suffering. Using shamanic methods, I can detect and remove spiritual intrusions, restoring your spiritual health.

Entity Removal

If you happen to become associated with an uninvited spirit or entity, you may experience adverse health conditions, psychological issues, and personal problems such as addiction. Using compassionate methods, I can detect and remove entities, restoring your spiritual health. I can also help to prevent entities from returning.

Shamanic Divination

Spirit speaks to all of us, but sometimes it is hard to hear and understand. I can bring clarity by providing you with visionary insight obtained from spirit guides, guardian spirits, and other spirit helpers. While this insight shouldn't be confused with "fortune telling," it can be of great value in navigating the confusing pathways of life.


The word "psychopomp" is taken from ancient Greek and literally means "guide of souls." Every human soul must eventually "cross over" and transition to the transcendent spirit realms in order to continue to evolve. In some cases, however, human souls become lost, and remain earthbound. A shaman is able to guide earthbound souls in making a successful transition to the transcendent spirit realms.

Shadow Work

While the term "shadow work" may sound sinister, it is quite the opposite. Shadow work is an extremely positive transformative process that occurs when an individual discovers their own self-worth and authenticity by bringing light to the shadowy darkness of their innermost repressed emotions and traumatic experiences.

Mentorship and Training

If you are having psychic, empathic, mediumistic, shamanic, or other spiritual experiences, you may feel confused or overwhelmed. It can be challenging to find your true path, and answer your true calling. I offer support and mentorship to help you to get properly established. I also offer basic training for shamanic initiates.

Work With Me

Please visit my Sessions page for information about how to work with me, and to easily book a session. I also offer a free initial consultation for new clients. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.