Privacy Policy


My services are completely confidential and private. I strongly respect your personal privacy, and I am committed to the protection of your personal information. I will never share any of your personal information with any outside party.

Retention of Personal Information

I retain offline records of your personal information for the purposes of being able to provide my services to you accurately, reliably, efficiently, and responsibly. I carefully safeguard your personal information retained in this way, using secure methods such as encryption and strong authentication.


This website does not use cookies or tracking software of any kind.

For business analysis purposes, I do collect website usage statistics such as page view counts. These statistics are fully anonymous, and no personal information whatsoever is recorded.

Third-Party Services

I utilize third-party services in order to be able to deliver my services to you. These third-party services are: Zoom, Calendly, Jotform, Formspark, Botpoison, Stripe, Google Ads, and Google Calendar. Some of your personal details may be disclosed to these third-party service providers through my utilization of their services. This privacy policy does not cover or include the external privacy policies of any of these third-party service providers.

Legal Exceptions

There are legal exceptions to this privacy policy. These legal exceptions are: a) if I am asked to testify in a court of law, b) if I am made aware of child abuse, or c) if you pose a potential danger to yourself or others.