Crystals of Protection

Using crystals is a simple way to help prevent harmful negative energy and troublesome spirits from affecting you. In order for this type of protection to be most effective, it is important to program your crystals and keep them spiritually clean and energetically charged. This blog post briefly discusses which types of crystals to use, and how to use them.


Why Protection is Necessary

Spiritual protection is a vital part of an overall strategy for maintaining spiritual health. In everyday life, you may encounter many different potential sources of harmful energy and power. These sources include directed negative energy, psychic attack, troublesome spirits, opportunistic spiritual essences, and electromagnetic smog. Protective crystals can help by blocking, deflecting, neutralizing, reducing, or absorbing these sources of harmful spiritual energy.

Types of Protective Crystals

There are several key types of crystals that are strongly protective and are widely available for purchase. In general, these crystals are black-coloured. The best protective crystal type for everyday use is black tourmaline, which works very well in a wide range of conditions. Black obsidian is also strongly protective, but note that it acts as a mirror to yourself. Shungite is often used to protect against electromagnetic smog. There are many other types of protective crystals, as you can discover through your own research.

How to Cleanse Crystals

Part of the way protective crystals work is by absorbing negative energy. This negative energy must be periodically cleared, or the crystal will become saturated and unable to perform its function. It's especially important to cleanse new crystals that will have been handled by other people. A very convenient way to cleanse a crystal is by holding it under flowing tap water, and stating your intention that the crystal be cleared of all negative energy. Here is an example of what you can say:

My intention is that this crystal is hereby cleared of all negative energy. May the negative energy be carried away by the running water and harmlessly returned to nature.

There are other methods of cleansing protective crystals as well. For a description of one such method, please refer to my blog post Smoke Cleansing With Sage.

How to Charge Crystals

Crystals perform best when charged with natural energy. For this reason, it is good to periodically place your crystals somewhere where they can absorb nature's energy. An ideal way to charge your crystals is by placing them in direct sunlight or moonlight. If possible, charge your crystals outdoors, directly on the Earth, as this enhances the charging effect.

How to Program Crystals

As with all spiritual work, the importance of setting intentions cannot be overstated. Crystals are particularly effective when they are programmed to perform a specific function, such as helping protect a room or a person. Programming a crystal is straightforward. First, cleanse and charge your crystal (see above). Then hold the crystal in your hands and focus your attention on it. In a clear voice, state your intention. Here is an example of what you can say:

My intention is that this crystal will protect me from negative energy, troublsome spirits, and spiritual harm. Thank you, protective crystal, for keeping me safe and helping me to maintain my spiritual heath and power.

Carrying Protective Crystals

For everyday protection, you can carry a crystal in your pocket. To avoid the risk of losing or forgetting the crystal, however, you can alternately wear a protective crystal as a pendant. Crystal bracelets are another option. In general, however, it's a good idea not to mix different types of crystals unless you're familiar with their energies and how they work together. Please note the importance of keeping the crystals cleansed and charged (see above).

Crystal Grids

Crystals can also be used to protect you inside your home. Typically, four crystals are used to "grid" a room. Place a crystal in each corner. Then visualize connecting the crystals' energy to create a secure perimeter that negative energy cannot enter. Expand the energy up and down to create energetic “walls,” and then complete the grid by sealing the space with a protective “ceiling” and “floor.” More crystals can be used as required, and multiple rooms or even an entire house can be gridded. Black tourmaline and shungite are most often used in protective crystal grids.

In addition, you may choose to enhance the energy in the room by adding a crystal such as selenite, which attracts positive energies, in each corner. This way the space both repels negative energy and attracts positive energy. Again, please note the importance of keeping the crystals cleansed and charged (see above).


Thank you for reading my blog post about crystals of protection. Crystals are an amazing gift from the Earth, and I highly recommend utilizing them as part of your personal spiritual practice to maintain spiritual health and wellbeing. Please use care, and act with love and intention.

Robbie Priestley - December 9, 2022

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