Spiritual Protection Overview

Over the last several months, I have created several blog posts on topics relating to spiritual protection. In this blog post, I'm bringing those topics together into an overview, with references included for further reading. The specific topics discussed are: protective shielding, crystals of protection, smoke cleansing with sage, and guardian spirits.

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Why Protection is Necessary

Spiritual protection is a vital part of an overall strategy for maintaining spiritual health. In everyday life, you may encounter many different potential sources of harmful energy and power. These sources include directed negative energy, psychic attack, troublesome spirits, opportunistic spiritual essences, and electromagnetic smog. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to promote spiritual hygiene and help prevent these sorts of things from affecting you.

Protective Shielding

Using protective shielding is a simple and effective way to help prevent harmful negative energy from affecting you. You can create a protective energy shield around yourself using intention-setting and visualization. In order for such a shield to remain effective, it is important to invest effort in maintaining it. Please read the full blog post for more information about protective shielding.

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Crystals of Protection

Using crystals is a simple way to help prevent harmful negative energy and troublesome spirits from affecting you. In order for this type of protection to be most effective, it is important to program your crystals and keep them spiritually clean and energetically charged. Please read the full blog post to learn about which types of crystals to use, and how to use them.

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Smoke Cleansing With Sage

Smoke cleansing is the practice of using smoke from sacred plants to spiritually cleanse people, places, and things. The ceremony of smoke cleansing focuses intention, and the smoke itself is a bridge between the spirit world and the material world. Sage is often used for smoke cleansing. It's a powerful sacred herb with important spiritual properties. In smoke cleansing with sage, we invoke the spirit of sage to remove stagnant and negative energy, to drive away unwelcome spirits, to establish spiritual protection, and to restore calmness.

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Guardian Spirits

A guardian spirit is a special personal companion spirit that serves as a guide and protector. Some examples of guardian spirits include spirit animals, spirit guides, ascended ancestor spirits, and guardian angels. Guardian spirits come with many benefits and advantages. The most important of these are companionship, guidance, spiritual protection, and power restoration.

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Thank you for reading my overview of spiritual protection. Keeping yourself well-protected spiritually requires practice, effort, and dedication. However, the results are well worth it, because spiritual hygiene helps promote good health on all levels.

Robbie Priestley - May 2, 2023