Guardian Spirits

A guardian spirit is a special personal companion spirit that serves as a guide and protector. Some examples of guardian spirits include spirit animals, spirit guides, ascended ancestor spirits, and guardian angels. Guardian spirits come with many benefits and advantages. The most important of these are companionship, guidance, spiritual protection, and power restoration.

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About Guardian Spirits

True guardian spirits are worthy of our absolute trust and confidence. This means they have completely transcended beyond the suffering and confusion of the material world, and are fully compassionate. As a result, they cannot cause harm, and they are motivated to help us simply from love and the desire to alleviate suffering.

People are often blessed with the companionship of a guardian spirit from the time of birth. A guardian spirit individually chooses the person, and will often remain associated with the person for life. However, if a person ignores or neglects their guardian spirit, the beneficial powers of the guardian spirit will be limited. In extreme cases, a person's guardian spirit may withdraw its support.


Your guardian spirit can be there for you whenever you need it, and you can call upon its power to help you face difficulties and challenges in life. The feelings of love and support that come from a guardian spirit are deep and powerful. A guardian spirit is a wonderful source of strength, inspiration, and courage, and when you have a close relationship with one, you need never feel alone.


Your guardian spirit is a valuable source of guidance and insight. You may receive this guidance intuitively, or in your dreams. You may also see signs in everyday life, such as a visitation from a bird or animal which may have a message. Staying open to receiving guidance from your guardian spirit is important, because the rational mind tends to get in the way with doubts and uncertainties. It is important to trust your guardian spirit, but also to trust yourself at the same time.

Spiritual Protection

A guardian spirit who is fully present and closely associated with you is a powerful ally indeed. Guardian spirits provide some of the most effective spiritual protection available. A guardian spirit can actively block spiritual intrusions and negative energy, preventing them from getting established and adversely affecting you. This form of protection is especially important if you are already vulnerable as a result of experiencing personal trauma or power loss.

Power Restoration

Spiritual power is important as a vital source of energy that keeps us functioning at an optimal level. We all need to replenish our power regularly, especially during challenging times. Also, a key aspect of spiritual healing is the restoration of spiritual power that has been lost. There are several effective ways to restore lost power and keep it readily available. Possibly the best of these ways is by having a close relationship with a guardian spirit, which acts like a "power generator," supplying you with power as you need it.

Guardian Spirit Retrieval

A shamanic practitioner can recover a client's lost, missing, or distant guardian spirit by performing a guardian spirit retrieval. In this practice, the shamanic practitioner journeys into the spirit world, locates the client's missing guardian spirit, and brings it back to the client. This activates the full potential of the guardian spirit and allows the guardian spirit to directly help and support the client. Otherwise, the guardian spirit may not be able to effectively reach the client, and the guardian spirit's potential to help may remain limited.

Guardian spirit retrieval is an essential part of the shamanic healing process, and is especially important when the client is recovering lost spiritual power and/or has spiritual vulnerabilities. For more information, please refer to my blog post What is Shamanic Healing?

Maintaining the Relationship

Guardian spirits do not expect much from us, but they do need to be acknowledged and appreciated. If you neglect your guardian spirit, its presence will fade, and your power may diminish, leaving you potentially vulnerable. There are many ways to maintain the relationship with a guardian spirit. The simplest way is to acknowledge and thank your guardian spirit on a daily basis. Your guardian spirit feels your love, which helps to generate power that it can share back with you. If you make the effort, your relationship with your guardian spirit will deepen in many wonderful ways. You can get to know your guardian spirit's unique personality, as well as its name, and other distinguishing features.

Guardian Spirit Exercise

Here is a simple, meditation-like exercise to help you connect with your guardian spirit. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, relax, and clear your thoughts. Then, welcome your guardian spirit and call it forward. Your guardian spirit will respond and become present. Some people can see their guardian spirit in their mind's eye, while others simply know that their guardian spirit is present. Everyone is different, and there is no right or wrong way. Trust the process.

Repeat this practice at least once a day. You will soon become familiar with your guardian spirit, and you will feel its constant presence in your heart. It will be there with you, offering you power and protection. When you are ready, you can begin to interact with your guardian spirit. Ask it questions.

Intuitive answers to your questions can come from your guardian spirit in a variety of forms. Some people sense words. Some people see symbols that require interpretation. Some have powerful dreams. Other people just know the answer in their hearts. It helps to be open to receiving these intuitive answers in whatever form they take.

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Multiple Guardian Spirits

A person can have more than one guardian spirit. In fact, it is possible to have a "team" of guardian spirits, each with their own spiritual "specialties." For example, a spirit animal may serve as a protector, whereas an ascended ancestor spirit may serve more as a spiritual guide. Individual guardian spirits may come and go, with some appearing at the right time, for a particular reason, only to depart when the work is done.

Further Reading

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Thank you for reading my blog post about guardian spirits. I invite you to explore your relationship with your guardian spirit, and to discover all of the wonderful ways in which your guardian spirit can help support you and enrich your life.

Robbie Priestley - April 7, 2023

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