Soul Retrieval
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is soul retrieval?

Soul retrieval is the spiritual healing practice used by a shamanic practitioner to restore a missing part of a person's soul.

What is soul loss?

Soul loss is a spiritual health problem that occurs when a part of a person's soul goes missing.

Why does soul loss occur?

Soul loss most often occurs as a result of a traumatic experience.

What is trauma?

Trauma is an experience of extreme stress that exceeds the capacity of a person's nervous system.

How does trauma affect the soul?

When the soul absorbs traumatic shock, it can fracture, and a fragment of the soul may be lost.

What is a soul part?

A soul part is a missing fragment of a person's soul. It can function independently from the soul to which it belongs.

Where do missing soul parts go?

Missing soul parts escape into the spirit world where they create small alternative realities to hide in.

What happens to a missing soul part?

A missing soul part will tend to stay hidden in the spirit world until spiritual healing occurs, or a shamanic practitioner goes to retrieve it.

What are the symptoms of soul loss?

The following are symptoms are typical: feeling that something is missing or that something isn't right, dispiritedness, detachment from reality, spiritual vulnerability, chronic exhaustion, lack of focus, lack of motivation, lack of fulfilment, unresolved grief.

How many soul parts can go missing?

A person may be missing several different soul parts at once. Different soul parts tend to relate to different traumatic experiences.

Can the entire soul go missing?

Ordinarily, the entire soul cannot go missing without the complete loss of personal identity, consciousness, or life energy.

What is soul theft?

Soul theft is specific form of soul loss that occurs when one person steals part of another person's soul. It is common in cases of abuse.

How does soul retrieval work?

A shamanic practitioner journeys into the spirit world on behalf of a client, locates a missing soul part, and brings it back to the client.

How does a shamanic practitioner find a missing soul part?

A shamanic practitioner is capable of locating a missing soul part in the spirit world with the assistance of spirit helpers like power animals.

What happens when a soul part is returned?

The shamanic practitioner re-integrates the missing soul part into the client's soul using spiritual energy.

What are the benefits of soul retrieval?

The following benefits are typical: it accelerates spiritual healing, it restores missing spiritual energy (power), it repairs holes in the soul that create vulnerabilities, and it promotes personal authenticity.

How can the client help?

The client can help with re-integration of a missing soul part by welcoming the soul part back, being kind to it, and practicing acceptance.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects may include emotional flow (release of blocked energy), and vivid memories (integration of repressed experiences).

Does soul retrieval bring back the trauma?

Soul retrieval does not bring back the trauma. Memories are not the trauma itself. If you are truly ready to heal, then the trauma is transcended.

How long does it take to heal?

Soul healing is a lifelong process, but beneficial effects from soul retrieval usually start to be noticed immediately.

Is there a risk of relapse?

Relapse can occur if the client is not truly ready for the soul retrieval experience, or if the traumatic experience that caused the soul loss is still ongoing.

Is soul retrieval dangerous?

In general, soul retrieval is not dangerous. It is very safe when performed by an experienced, heart-centred, and compassionate practitioner. However, if the practitioner is not fully focused on the task, or he/she has reservations, the soul retrieval may not be effective. It is therefore important to work with a shamanic practitioner you trust.

How does soul retrieval support healing?

Soul retrieval supports and complements other aspects and methods of spiritual healing. For example, if a spiritual intrusion is removed, the empty space can be filled with a missing soul part. This prevents the intrusion from returning.

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